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Your Storyteller

Hey There, I'm Peyton. Your Filmmaker & Adventure Partner.

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Your Storyteller

Hey There, I'm Peyton. Your Filmmaker & Adventure Partner.

Learn more about me

Why Get a Wedding Film?

You deserve to have every moment of your wedding day captured in the most beautiful way possible. Thus, every film I create I do so with intention and elegance, as if you were watching a movie in a theater.

That's how it should be. Your greatest moments re-told in a way that is just as beautiful and emotional as your wedding day.

"Oh my GOD it's like a MOVIE."

That's how it should be.

Get The Wedding Film You Deserve.

Every film I craft is made with intention and fully customized to you and your love story. I want you to relive your wedding day, as well as share your love with family, friends, and even complete strangers all over the world if you want.

Wedding & Elopement Video Collections Begin At $5000.

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*Extremely limited availability for 2023*

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Charge Travel Fees?

My collections already include basic travel to your wedding! Flights, stays, 2WD car rentals, and food.

I only charge extra for unique siutations (think: hot air balloons, helicopters, 4WD rentals, all-inclusive resort stays, expensive meals, etc.)

Do I Get To Pick The Music?

If you have a certain music style or genre in mind I will follow that! However if I cannot license the song you want I cannot put it in the film! I don't want either of us getting sued!

How Long Will It Take To Receive The Film?

Editing a wedding film takes between 40-60 hours of work to edit after the wedding!

I do not have a defined time frame for video because every situation is different, but I mostly deliver films around the 3-4 month mark!

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, you can pay in full or choose between several payment plan options, or our financing, as long as your balance is paid in full 30 days before your wedding.

How Long Will My Film Be?

This greatly depends on your wedding day. I will give you a general expectation on our initial consultation call! Most wedding films fall between 5-7 minutes, and I do offer raw footage options!

Do You Record Vows?

Absolutely. Every wedding film I create has audio from the wedding day included.

Can I Make Changes To My Film?

Yes, I want your film to be perfect so I offer 1 free revision and unlimited paid revisions to the film!

More testimonials

We had such a wonderful time with Peyton. We love the photos! He captured both the stunning light and our love. The entire experience was easy going. Peyton was helpful in directing us when he saw a great shot, but also encouraged us to just enjoy each other and play around. At no point did we feel rushed or awkward. We trampled around Downtown and had an amazing time.

Shay & Isaac