Hey there! Thanks so much for clicking on our blog. So you're probably thinking: "Who are you and what's the point of this?"

Allow me to explain. My name is Peyton Helm and I own Peyton Helm Productions. You probably guessed that. Anyways, when I first started shooting weddings I saw other photographers blogging and my immediate thought was "well that's dumb, why would I write blog articles?"

But then after shooting for several years I finally realized that oh my gosh, 9 out of 10 of my couples have little to know idea of how the wedding industry works! And to give them credit, neither did I when I started. So like many other photographers I wanted to start this blog to give my knowledge of the entire wedding industry as well as photography, filmmaking, relationships, finances, and many other things that contribute to having an incredible wedding.

So here we are! This is the official Peyton Helm Productions Wedding Advice Blog. I sincerely hope you get tons of amazing value out of this and I can't wait to see the feedback!

So Who Are We?

As you know, I'm Peyton. What you may not know is In am engaged to a beautiful woman named Hannah. She's also a wedding photographer/filmmaker so she shoots almost every single wedding with me and I do the same for her wedding business!

We live in East Tennessee so most of our weddings we shoot around here but we've had some incredible photoshoots and destination weddings all over the united states. Those are quite honestly my favorite because of all the beautiful places we get to see.

We've been together just over a year as of the date I'm writing this and the second we met we immediately knew it was meant to be. Love at first sight you could say.

Six months in I asked her to marry me (after she picked out the ring of course) and if COVID-19 hadn't been a thing we probably would have gotten married 3 months later!

Here is an image from the first wedding we shot together.

Want Us To Shoot Your Wedding?

If you haven't found a photographer or filmmaker (or both) for your wedding we would be honored to shoot yours! We offer both photo AND video all in the same package so whether you want standalone photography or videography or you want both we can deliver.

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