Wedding at The Loveless Barn in Nashville

Kayla & Johnny's Nashville wedding was incredibly high class and beautiful. I second shot this wedding for my fiancé Hannah Marie. The Loveless Barn quickly became one of our favorite wedding venues in Nashville as well after we saw how stunning it is, even in low light. Our favorite part was the ceremony/reception hall. This isn't a large venue by any means, but walking into that stunning wooden hall with a huge chandelier mixed with string lights and then seeing the beautiful courtyard area we knew we were in for one of the nicest weddings we've been to.

Kayla & Johnny had gotten eloped on a day that was special to them and held this day as a celebration of their love. The ladies had a party bus (typical Nashville) and the guys of course hung out playing pool and video games, and eating pizza. Once everybody was ready, the magic began.

When we got to the venue Kayla & Johnny had such a sweet first look, they were both tearing up. You can't mistake the love these two have for each other. We did pictures before the ceremony at this wedding so right after we had a blast with the wedding party taking some serious but also fun and goofy photos. We had the ceremony where they re-stated their vows to each other, and then we took them out to the field next to the venue to get those all important golden hour shots, as well as used the vintage car they had rented for some more classy wedding images.

From then on, everything was a huge party. From dinner, to speeches, to dancing, to the sparkler send off, every single one of us had a blast and Kayla & Johnny wrapped up a day they will forever remember together.

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